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Emporium Melbourne teams up with Thankyou

Emporium Melbourne has united with Melbourne-based social enterprise Thankyou by purchasing the company’s hand soap for its centre bathrooms.

The partnership, the first by a major premium shopping centre, will promote good hygiene locally, but also fund essential sanitation programs in developing countries.

“Emporium Melbourne is a big believer in corporate social responsibility,” Emporium Melbourne Marketing Manager Tiffany Ellul said. “We support what Thankyou stands for, and we are very excited to give Melbournians a chance to change lives in developing countries while shopping at Emporium Melbourne.”

Many infectious diseases are spread by contaminated hands. Washing hands with liquid soap removes significantly more germs than washing in water alone, and can help to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Thankyou has given more than $3.3 million to people in developing countries for programs including access to safe drinking water, and short- and long-term food provision.


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