Friday, April 19, 2024

Feel the need for 5G speed

Samsung Electronics Australia together with Tech Research Asia (TRA) have launched a research report and whitepaper – 5G for Business in Australia, which explores how 5G networks, devices and services can support the goals of Australian businesses.

A potential roadmap of 5G adoption

The key findings of the report include:

  • 24 per cent of Australian businesses intend to adopt 5G services in the coming 18 months.
  • 80 per cent of Australian businesses set to adopt 5G related mobility services within the next years.

“There is no doubt that 5G is both a trigger and an engine that will transform the way Australians live and work, but also how businesses operate in an increasingly mobile driven economy.

“Now more than ever before Australian businesses are telling us that they demand the bandwidth, stability and opportunities that 5G will bring,” said Head of Enterprise and Government, IT and Mobile, Samsung Electronics Australia, Danny Mandrides.

Other key findings

In terms of 5G adoption approach:

  • 37 per cent of Australian businesses are taking a “considered” approach.
  • 24 per cent are taking an “aggressive” (12 per cent) or “opportunistic” (12 per cent) approach to rapid or early adoption.
  • 18 per cent are taking a “gradual” approach, in line with network deployments.
  • 16 per cent have no specific strategy until 5G is “ubiquitous”.

Recognised need for 5G

While there is a recognised need for 5G with 68 per cent of Australian businesses feeling constrained by the current network, 50 per cent require additional information to understand why 5G is better than 4G.

The report suggests several factors to help businesses adopt 5G, including:

  • Understand network deployment and handset availability.
  • Understand the service provider’s 5G strategy.
  • Consider how 5G complements the company’s overall digital strategy and how future data needs may change.

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