Sunday, May 26, 2024

Fiji Water launches new-look bottle

fiji_water_prodshotFor the first time in 10 years, premium bottle water brand Fiji Water has changed the look of its iconic bottle.

The new look includes two new back labels that highlight Fiji Water’s untouched journey from cloud to bottle.

Fiji Water’s new bottle showcases the beauty of the product and story behind the brand. Each bottle size will feature not only the new label, but also two new back labels, each of which reflect one distinct aspect of Fiji Water’s journey from cloud to bottle. The iconic square shape, blue bottle cap, soft taste and unique mineral profile will remain the same.

“The redesign of the label is a modern interpretation of Fiji Water’s iconic look,” Fiji Water Vice-President, Asia, Australia and EMEA Wai Mei Lee said. “Our bottle is one of the most recognisable in the premium bottled water space and we’re confident that the vivid blue and pop of the signature pink hibiscus flower will enhance our iconic status even further.”

Fiji Water is produced in the following sizes:

  • 330ml: $1.49 per bottle RRP.
  • 500ml: $1.89 per bottle RRP.
  • 1lt: $2.89 per bottle RRP.

The new label was well received in its launch into the US market in January 2015 and will hit Australian shelves nationwide this month.

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