First Australian spread with coconut oil goodness

Made by Nuttelex, Sunburst is the first Australian table spread to be made with coconut oil, which many consider to be a ‘superfood’ offering numerous benefits.

Sunburst contains no cholesterol or artificial additives, is free from dairy, nut and palm oil, gluten, soy and lactose, and is also salt-reduced.

Sunburst is ideal for baking, with extensive testing by professional chefs having produced mouth-watering results full of flavour.

To support the launch and ongoing sales of Sunburst, a multi-media approach will be implemented, including national magazine advertising, online and digital, radio, social media, major supermarket magazines and PR.

A stand-alone Sunburst website will also provide consumers with a range of recipes.

RRP: 375g pack, $2.99.


Stockist inquiries: 03 92372900.