Friday, July 19, 2024

Flooding affecting food supply to remote communities

Outback Stores is currently experiencing logistical challenges in maintaining food supply to several remote Indigenous communities due to the flooding of the Stuart Highway and localised flooding across Central Australia.

Like all retailers, Outback Stores has been affected by the freight interruptions between Adelaide and Alice Springs, as well as to freight routes from Western Australia and Queensland. In addition, some communities have become inaccessible due to flooded roads and airstrips.

Currently the communities heavily affected are Papunya, Canteen Creek, Wetenngerr, Santa Teresa and Mt Liebig. While these communities have access to a moderate range of grocery products, some stores are starting to run low on fresh fruit and vegetables and perishable dairy items.

Outback Stores is working with business partners and key stakeholders on alternative transport methods to maintain food supplies.

Although the Top End is also experiencing heavy rainfall, this is not affecting food supply due to forward planning and the seasonal nature of this rainfall.

“As always when faced by challenges, the Outback Stores team is working hard to support the remote communities we service. We will keep our external stakeholders updated as we address the issues at hand,” says Outback Stores CEO Michael Borg.

Outback Stores manages 46 retail stores in some of the most remote locations in the country.

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