Thursday, June 20, 2024

FLORA enters cream category with new plant-based addition

FLORA, more commonly known for its range of spreads, is entering a new category, launching a thickened plant cream that pours, whips and cooks just as well as its dairy counterparts.

“With over 25% of the population believing they have a food intolerance, dairy milk alternatives are on the rise in Australia, with a 14.6% increase during 2020-21,” according to the brand.

“Currently, the plant-based cream category is dominated by products that utilise coconut and oat as their base, imparting an underlying flavour to dishes. Until now there has been no direct substitute for dairy cream that shares the same great taste or cooking ability.”

Made from lentils, FLORA thickened plant cream has a clean, neutral taste, is “100% plant-based, palm oil free and vegan,” giving cooks back some flavour control.

Head of Marketing Anita Hancock explains that the introduction of FLORA into the plant-based cream category is the first step in the brand’s roadmap towards becoming 100% plant-based.

“For FLORA, we recognised a real gap in the cream category with no current plant-based alternative for those who enjoy creamy sweet and savoury dishes without compromising on taste or performance. This is why we’ve developed a thickened plant cream to rival the competition,” Ms Hancock said.

“As we move toward becoming 100% plant-based, this is our first step in the market. Our plant-based cream is not just for those with lactose intolerances or dairy avoiders, it’s for everyone trying to include a little more plant in their week”.

FLORA Thickened Plant Cream 500ml (RRP $6.50) can be found in the chilled section at all major supermarkets.

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