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Florists set to quadruple profits this Valentine’s Day

A Melbourne florist is expecting an increase of flower sales up to $150,000 this Valentine’s Day – as Australian lovers kick cost-of-living to the curb to spoil their special someone. Something that has local business buyers circling.

Zenaida Salem is the owner of several florists including Bountiful Courtyard in Roxburgh Park, Flowers of Canterbury, and Flower Merchant.

Zenaida Salem, the owner of several florists including Bountiful Courtyard in Roxburgh Park – Flowers of Canterbury and Flower Merchant, says she is expecting one of the biggest Valentines Day takings on record – with projections they’ll quadruple their average profits.

“Valentine’s Day consistently sees a surge in demand for flowers, roses, and thoughtful gifts, creating a high demand for businesses in these sectors. We have seen some really extravagant requests, and it’s great to see people embracing the romance.”

Ms Salem says Valentine’s Day sees a remarkable number of flowers head out the door – with its Roxburgh Park shop averaging $27,000 off-peak weekly profit pushed through the roof fourfold, with four times increase across all shops.

Nadia Polzella from LINK Business Brokers Melbourne who helped Zenaida buy the florists, one just before Valentine’s Day in 2022, says “Demand for key Valentine’s Day suppliers for business buyers’ spikes throughout February as it is the ‘golden opportunity’ for long-term and consistent success.”

LINK CEO Farzin Hesari says businesses that can demonstrate consistent profits, with a robust business plan and growth strategy sit high in investors shopping list, coupled with an overwhelming appetite with business banks willing to fund them.

Ms Salem’s businesses, both physical and online, play a crucial role in meeting the rising demand. The physical stores, Bountiful Courtyard, Flowers of Canterbury and Flower Merchant, experience a quadrupling of weekly takings during the Valentine’s Day season.

She says there are challenges in meeting this surge in demand, such as increased costs and labour, but businesses would collapse throughout the rest of the year if they don’t capitalise on the opportunity.

She urges florists and businesses in the industry to embrace the strategic opportunities presented by the season of love, with the potential for quadrupling profits and positioning for long-term success.

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