Friday, June 21, 2024

The food behaviour of Australians

A new study from Ipsos, the ‘Food CHATS (Consumption, Habits, Attitudes and Trends)’ report, has shown that Australians see eating fresh and unprocessed foods and cutting back on sugar as a priority.

The study of more than 3,000 Australians revealed behaviour in food and health priorities, what and where Australians eat, and how they shop.

The top five food priorities in Australia are eating more fresh fruit and veg (40 per cent), smaller portion sizes (31 per cent), reducing sugar intake (24 per cent), eating healthier snacks (24 per cent) and cutting down on fat (23 per cent).

“Our study shows that while making healthier food choices is a key priority for Australians, the typical, everyday shopper is still struggling to balance healthiness and convenience against their budget,” Ipsos Strategy and Research Director Kathy Benson said.

In terms of future growth areas, the research indicates that Australians would like to eat more natural sugar substitutes, organic and no-added-hormone meats, plant-based milk alternatives and vegetable protein.

Conversely, Australians would like to eat less artificial sugar substitutes, sugar from drinks and breakfast cereals, food additives and fat.

The study showed that for 45 per cent of the population, their last shop was a ‘bulk’ shop, one third did a top-up shop, and only seven per cent shopped for today’s meal. Provenance also proved to be important, with 40 per cent of Australians shopping outside supermarkets at specialist food retailers such as greengrocers and butchers.

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