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Food science, customised technology and wholesomeness set to shape food industry

Health and sustainability, smart diets and food science are trends that will shape the global food, drink and foodservice industries over the next decade, according to Mintel.

Its research highlights that brands which bring wholesomeness and best practice to the table will gain the upper hand.

Change, Incorporated; Smart Diets and High-tech Harvest

The research reveals that successful companies will improve the health of the planet and its population; technology will enable consumers to construct hyper-individualised approaches to physical and mental health; and consumer trust in food science and technology will strengthen as they become vital tools to save food supply.

Recycling from waste, customised approach and innovation at forefront

The research expect to see consumers further prioritise plants in their diets, with the planet’s health in mind as much as their own. From¬†beer made from rejected cereal pieces to¬†containers made from organic mushroom waste, food waste will lead the way for more sustainable consumption and innovation.

Consumers will gain a better understanding of what makes them unique using health testing services, artificial intelligence-enabled apps, and increased personal data collection.

Analysis of these tools will inform consumers of the steps they need to take to address every aspect of their health, including brain and emotional wellbeing and long-term cognitive health.

Following in the footsteps of molecular whiskey, brands are expected use science and technology to create new products, shorten production time, and confirm trustworthiness. Meanwhile, new ingredient growing regions, such as those in Africa and India, and agricultural innovations, including floating farms, will emerge to tackle global food insecurity.

Looking ahead, Mintel Food and Drink Associate Director Jenny Zegler says consumers will reward brands that are associated with conscious consumption, eco-friendliness, ethical business practices, public health and resolution of societal issues.

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