Friday, April 19, 2024

Foodland stores eliminate fruit and veg plastics

Pasadena and Frewville Foodland are making massive strides when it comes to sustainability and encouraging eco-friendly shopping.

The supermarkets are the first in Australia to eliminate single-use plastic fruit & veg through their stores and are introducing compostable bags for fresh fruits and vegetables, deli and baked goods.

This is a result of a partnership with KESAB, to reduce the store’s waste and environmental impact. It will save more than 3 million plastic bags or 7 tonnes of soft plastic from going into landfill.

The certified compostable bags are made in South Australia by Bio-Bag and break down just like plants in a composting environment. The bags are made from corn starch, a renewable resource, unlike plastic bags they do not leave microplastics or toxic residues behind.

This comes after the South Australian parliament announced the banning of single-use plastic, for 2021.

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