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Frozen egg range snacks a punch

Following the successful launch its innovative liquid egg products in April this year, Sunny Queen Farms has egg-sploded into the frozen scene this month with a range of healthy and convenience snacks.

The range features Mini Fritters, Protein Bites, Omelette Roll and Egg Wraps. They are said to be ideal for busy bees, families and people seeking quick, easy-to-prepare products that make their day-to-day lives easier

“As we become increasingly time poor, consumers are prioritising their health and wellbeing while seeking ways to incorporate nutritious and time-saving meal solutions into their lives, without compromising on taste,” says Isabelle Dench, General Manager of Marketing and Innovation at Sunny Queen Farms.

Nutritious option

Studies show that nearly 90% of adults consume packaged snack food in an average week. However with nutritious and convenient meal options more readily available, Aussies will no longer have to compromise on health due to time constraints.

“With a growing demand for healthy snacks, we responded to this need with our delicious egg-based products that are rich in nutrients including proteins, vitamins, and minerals, which offer steady and sustained energy,” says Ms Dench.

“We are challenging the perception of frozen food as being mostly unhealthy and containing little nutritional value through our newest range of products, each being a great source of protein and featuring a 3.5-star Health Star Rating.

“By launching these new products, we hope to provide Aussies with easy ways to get their protein intake, even when time may be working against you,” says Ms Dench.

About the range

The new range comprises:

  • Sunny Queen Farms Omelette Roll 120g (single serve) – RRP $4. A hand rolled omelette turned wrap, pair this with some tasty spinach and fetta for the ultimate high protein snack.
  • Sunny Queen Farms Mini Fritters 200g – RRP $7.50. Available in Corn & Zucchini and Pumpkin, Spinach & Fetta, these baked not fried fritters are the perfect starter snack to share when catching up with friends and family.
  • Sunny Queen Farms Protein Bites 200g – RRP $7.50. These unique Parmesan & Caramelised Onion Protein Bites are light and fluffy in texture but dense in protein and flavour, designed as a delicious all-day snack.
  • Sunny Queen Farms Egg Wraps 300g (4 wraps) – RRP $8.50. The perfect high protein and gluten free alternative to traditional wraps, with less than 4g of carbs per serve. The super soft and flexible wraps are able to be eaten warm or cold and delicious with all your favourite ingredients.

Mini Fritters, Protein Bites and Omelette Roll are available in Woolworths outlets nationally. Egg Wrap is available in Woolworths outlets in Queensland.

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