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Global Table on how to feed the world descends to Melbourne

Leaders in food, agricultural science, technology and medicine will arrive in Melbourne next week for a global conference tackling questions around how to feed a growing world population in the face of a climate crisis and unsustainable levels of development.

Sandro Demaio (AU), Danielle Nierenberg (USA), Derk Hendriksen (USA) and more than 100 other world-class names will speak at Global Table taking place September 3-6 at Melbourne Showgrounds.

Ground-breaking solutions to disrupt food and agricultural systems

The event aims to highlight ground-breaking solutions with the potential to disrupt food and agricultural systems, which will come under increasing pressure as the world population rises to 10 billion people in the next three decades, including a growing middle-class. Rising meat consumption, dwindling water resources, drought, pollution and extreme weather due to climate change are just some of the challenges on the horizon.

Topics on the agenda at Global Table include an entire afternoon devoted to the growing alternative protein market, the future of hemp applications worldwide, how regenerative agriculture can help people and planet, action against food waste and water solutions across the value chain.

Local speakers

  • Gary Williamson – Head of Department – Nutrition, Dietetics and Food, Monash University.
  • Olympia Yarger – CEO, Goterra.
  • Cuong Trang – Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO.
  • Katy Barfield – CEO, Yume Foods.
  • Guy Webb – Managing Director, SoilCQuest.
  • Connor Reynolds – Director, SnackWize.
  • Mark Barthel – Special Advisor – Food Waste, Fight Food Waste CRC.
  • Sandro Demaio – co-hosts weekly TV show Ask the Doctor, an exploratory factual medical series available in Australia and around the world on Netflix.

International speakers

  • Andrew D. Ive (US) who founded Big Idea Ventures, a hybrid venture capital firm which invests in companies in the alternative protein and plant-based food sectors.
  • Gerardo Mazzeo (CHE) who, as Global Innovation Director at Nestlé, has led the company’s global innovation activities since 2012 including the HENRi@Nestlé initiative which brings the company together with innovators and start-ups to work on projects in product innovation, sustainability, creative brand campaigns and more.
  • Danielle Neirenberg (US) is the co-founder and president of Food Tank, a non-profit organisation which offers solutions and environmentally sustainable ways of alleviating hunger, obesity, and poverty.
  • Derk Hendriksen (US) who is an Advisor and Co-CEO of TREASURE8, a company that identifies and captures food waste streams from consumer-packaged goods and agricultural companies, converting them into high-value, tasty, and nutritious ingredients and products.
  • Chantimaporn Mekdhanasarn, a Senior Business Development Manager at Austrade Bangkok.

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