Saturday, April 13, 2024

Grant pushes infinite plastic recycling forward

Newly launched enviro-tech start-up, Samsara has been awarded a $568,491 government grant for its new approach to addressing the plastic pollution crisis.

Launched last year, Samsara has developed a way to infinitely recycle plastic. Its ground-breaking technology uses enzymes to break plastic down to its core building blocks, which can then be used to recreate brand new plastic, again and again.

The company is co-founded by Woolworths Group, The Australian National University and deep tech venture fund, Main Sequence founded by CSIRO, who have joined forces to tackle the plastic waste problem with leading edge science.

Addicted to plastic

Samsara co-founder and CEO Paul Riley says the start-up was founded to help end plastic pollution.

“The truth is we’re addicted to plastic, and while we know it’s bad for us, we continue to make and consume more of it,” he says.

“At the current rate, by 2040, the volume of plastic we use will have doubled. And the plastic pollution entering our oceans will almost triple.”

Committed to change 

The funds from the grant will go towards building out Samsara’s research and development team and capabilities, including establishing its first recycling facility due for completion next year.

Woolworths Group has already committed to turn the first 5,000 tonnes of recycled Samsara plastic into packaging for its own brand products. Starting with packaging like the containers used for its own brand mini tomatoes, Samsara packaging is expected to hit Woolworths shelves in the next two years.

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