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Guide to retail leasing helps Queensland business owners

It is now easier for Queensland business owners to understand their leases and avoid common mistakes with a free online guide newly released by Queensland Business Property Lawyers.

“Understanding the fine print in a commercial lease can be complex, and this easy-to-understand guide provides business owners with information on retail leasing, what is required and what dilemmas they could potentially face,” says the guide’s author Legal Practice Director Peter Carter.

Guide to Retail Shop Leases in Queensland’ serves as an introduction for business owners looking to get started with leasing a storefront. It is designed to eliminate confusion in dealings between landlords and lease-holders. The free guide helps tenants understand legal terminology and some of the statutory protections that are afforded to lessees of a retail shop, and explains obligations and rights under the Retail Shop Leases Act.

The guide covers a range of topics including:

  • What is a Retail Shop Lease?
  • What businesses qualify the premises as a Retail Shop?
  • What premises can not be Retail Shops?
  • Is there a Minimum Term for a Retail Shop Lease in Queensland?
  • What protections apply to Retail Shop Leases?
  • Lease preparation costs
  • Disclosure Statement
  • Key Money payments
  • Rent reviews
  • Option to Renew
  • Renewing lease if no option to renew
  • Disputes and Compensation
  • Compensation for business disturbance
  • Unconscionable Conduct
  • Lease review.

While the guide is comprehensive, Carter advises it is always best to have an experienced business lawyer examine commercial documents like leases, before you sign them.

“Often, your lawyer will be able to negotiate very beneficial changes to the terms that are proposed by a landlord. The lawyer will also explain the intricate details of all the obligations you are required to meet to observe the landlord’s requirements,” Mr Carter said.

“Signing a retail lease is a major financial and legal commitment. It can be as significant as buying a home and signing a mortgage,” he explained. “As with all financial commitments, it’s essential to diligently and meticulously consider the obligations you must meet as a lessee.”

“In our experience, many retail tenants can easily become caught in costly obligations simply through their misunderstanding of the lease. To help navigate the complexities, the ‘Guide to Retail Shop Leases in Queensland’ is a must-read for business owners considering signing a retail lease,” Mr Carter said.

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