Thursday, June 20, 2024

Harris Farm to double Imperfect Picks range

Harris Farm Markets has reaffirmed its commitment to reducing food waste by doubling its Imperfect Picks range.

This increase will see four million kg of imperfect product – which otherwise would have been dumped, ploughed back into a field or used as animal feed – sold in-store.

“As lovers of fresh, great-tasting produce, we always knew that Imperfect fruit and vegetables were just as delicious and great for cooking as the blemish-free kind,” Harris Farm Markets’ co-CEO Tristan Harris said.

“The Imperfect Picks range at Harris Farm is reducing the 25 per cent of major fruit and vegetable lines which are wasted each year and, as a result, we are able to help Aussie farmers get their produce on the shelf.”

The imperfect produce is up to 50 per cent cheaper and is comprised of otherwise edible product that fails to meet strict retail quality specifications.

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