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Harris Farm Markets saves 40 million kilos of imperfect fruit and veg from landfill

Family-owned Harris Farm Markets, with a reputation for the freshest fruit and veg as voted by Australia at the 2023 Finder Retail awards, has announced an unparalleled achievement: 40 million kilos of imperfect fruit and vegetables saved from landfill since the launch of its Imperfect Picks range in 2014. “This milestone proves that great food doesn’t have to literally cost the earth but also underscores our unwavering commitment to seizing the season and supporting our local farmers,” says Harris Farm Markets co-CEO Angus Harris.

Value beyond perfection

Harris Farm Market’s journey has always been rooted in the belief that “every piece of fruit and veg, no matter its shape or size, has immense value,” Mr Harris said. “By embracing imperfections through our total crop solution, we have ensured that more Australians receive quality, nutritious fruit and veg at an affordable price, reducing waste and ensuring that value isn’t just about appearance, but substance.”

Sustainability at the core of Harris Farm Markets

Harris Farm Market’s commitment to freshness and taste “won’t ever change, however we’ve come to realise that when it comes to fresh fruit and veg, we shouldn’t always judge a product by how it looks,” Mr Harris said. “This milestone isn’t just a number; it represents a significant reduction in waste, demonstrating our dedication to sustainable practices. By rescuing these 40 million kilos, we’ve contributed to a more sustainable food system, decreasing landfill contributions and reducing our carbon footprint, all while providing our customers with the fresh, quality fruit and veg they’ve come to expect from us.”

Supporting suppliers

“Our achievement is a testament to our enduring partnerships with local farmers and producers,” Mr Harris said. “By choosing to purchase the full crop, and promote imperfect fruit and veg, we’ve ensured that farmers receive a fair return for their hard work, reducing the financial impact of previously discarded produce. Together, we are proving that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and that every crop holds value.”

Looking forward

“As we celebrate this achievement, we remain committed to pioneering sustainable, value-driven initiatives in the retail grocery sector.” With Imperfect Picks being offered up to 70% off the premium products, Harris Farm Markets continues to do its bit to ease the cost of living pressures for consumers.

“We are immensely proud of this achievement. Our Imperfect fruit and vegetables are just as delicious and great for cooking as the blemish-free kind. At up to 70 per cent cheaper than their more perfect counterparts, Australians are able to feed their families with fruit and veg which would otherwise have been dumped, ploughed back into a field or used as animal feed. This journey has been possible thanks to our dedicated team, our loyal customers, and our invaluable relationship with local farmers,” Mr Harris said.

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