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Holistic approach to growing your coffee business

Nicole Saleh, image via WKSHOP

All businesses are looking at how they can stand out from the crowd and it is no different in the coffee industry.

By WKSHOP Marketing Director Nicole Saleh.

Whether you are a franchise, multi-site business, café, restaurant, or a completely new venture, the goal is to deliver a unique coffee experience that will have customers coming back for more.

For your business to succeed and grow, it is important to take a holistic approach to your coffee offering. At WKSHOP we start by workshopping your business, working together to understand what you need to thrive, so we can deliver you a tailored specialty coffee solution. When it comes to the supply of coffee, we have seen a trend where businesses are looking for more than just a product transaction. They want to work with a supply partner who has knowledge, experience and will provide guidance and support on their coffee journey. We saw the importance of this during the height of the Covid pandemic where our team guided café and hospitality customers through changing restrictions and lockdowns in each state, working as an extension to their business. Our team continues to provide the support needed to help re-establish our partners for growth.

In addition to the strong value we place on working in partnership, we start the journey seeking to understand what your specialty contract coffee roasting needs are. This is the first pillar of our process and it is always exciting to develop a blend that delivers a specific taste profile for your customer demographic. Having a bespoke coffee blend that can be produced under your brand gives you a point of difference and it is rewarding for both you and our roasting team.

Our Head Roaster, Paul, is skilled in premium green bean selection ensuring sustainability is at the forefront, working directly with farmers as well as global trade partners. Quality not only starts with the beans that are sourced from key coffee growing regions around the world, but also the roasting equipment used which at WKSHOP are state-of-the-art Italian Brambati Roasters.

Barista and business training are important aspects contributing to the success of a coffee business. Our WKSHOP Training Academy supports your business by investing in your team so they can deliver an exceptional coffee each time. We have all heard stories of people we know only visiting a café when a certain barista is rostered on, to enjoy a coffee that is up to standard. Not training your team is a missed opportunity that could adversely impact your business. Training not only equips baristas with the knowledge and skills to consistently serve great coffee, but the right training can also help gain efficiencies and positively impact your business profitability.

Having already developed a great blend, your brand personality can be showcased through custom packaging. Having your own blend in creatively designed packaging can help your business stand-out especially on-shelf. This not only includes coffee packaging but also take-away cups, sugar sticks and more. Multi-site brands love this option to strengthen their brand through multiple touchpoints.

To build your customer base it is important to get your marketing and social media strategy right. While this isn’t traditionally offered by roasters, we offer this at WKSHOP where our team can work with you to provide support in coordinating photography and advice on marketing strategy.

Having the right coffee equipment and technical support including espresso machines, grinders, accessories, parts, and technical service is another way we at WKSHOP ensure you have peace of mind knowing that your machinery is always running at its best. With insights and access to the best equipment brands in the market, we select equipment best suited to your usage, footprint, and business needs.

Working through all these key areas gives our WKSHOP team great satisfaction to deliver an individual strategy that equips your business for success on your coffee journey.


About Nicole Saleh

Nicole Saleh has been in the coffee industry for over 20 years in Marketing and Brand Management. She has local and international experience working for an Australian global coffee brand. As a business owner of a café and roastery she continues to share her passion for coffee.


WKSHOP is here to supply, create, educate, and innovate your coffee business. We provide specialty contract coffee roasting, private label packaging, coffee training via our WKSHOP Academy, coffee machinery and technical service support. If you’re a café, restaurant or multi-site franchise, let us workshop your coffee business. Enquire now at or email

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