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Industry 4.0: are you on the level?

Successfully deployed in thousands of businesses across Australia, the industrial internet of things (IIoT) is no longer the next level of industrial automation. It’s today’s level.

By Peter Howard.

Having successfully come of age, IIoT is firmly established and a proven success. However, despite business after business reporting previously unimaginable gains using IIoT initiatives, there are those content to watch, wait and wonder while their businesses battle the very same issues IIoT businesses have solved.

In the first of three Industry 4.0 features for 2021, Retail World explores the exciting and rapidly evolving world of IIoT through the lenses of three different companies. Each is involved in a different aspect of IIoT and all are working to simplify the IIoT journeys of Australian businesses.

Sensor and digital automation specialist Balluff has a presence in 68 countries and is seen by many as an important partner in IIoT projects. Retail World asked Australia National Sales Manager Jim Wallace for his thoughts on the right time for manufacturers to consider IIoT solutions.

“If you’re a manufacturer, and your goals include things like reducing your manufacturing costs, higher machine availability, less downtime, improved asset utilisation or reducing scrap rates, then you should probably be looking at an IIoT solution,” he said.

“If we can measure something, we can improve it, so it amazes me how many manufacturers continue to operate without having any of the real-time data visibility offered by IIoT.”

Read more on the Industry 4.0 feature in the latest issue of Retail World magazine.

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