Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Industry Skills Australia appointed as the Jobs and Skills Council for Australia’s transport and logistics industry

The Minister for Skills and Training, the Hon Brendan O’Connor MP, has announced the appointment of Industry Skills Australia (ISA) as the Jobs and Skills Council for Australia’s transport and logistics (Road, Rail, Aviation and Maritime), Omnichannel Logistics and Space Transport industries.

Under these new arrangements, industry will now have a role in identifying and prioritising its workforce development needs and designing highly effective solutions in collaboration with employers, unions, industry bodies, communities, training providers, universities, and schools.

Industry Skills Australia has a proven track record in delivering high impact workforce planning and skills development solutions for the transport and logistics industry in Australia and overseas. With over 30 years of expertise, ISA is in a unique position to address the rapidly evolving needs and challenges faced by industry and its workforce.

“The Jobs and Skills Council for the nation’s transport and logistics industry demonstrates our commitment to strengthening Australia’s supply chains. Industry Skills Australia will play an important role in equipping our workforce with world class skills, fostering innovation, and driving collaboration between industry and stakeholders,” Minister O’Connor said.

ISA Chair Tony Wilks emphasises the Council’s dedication to industry.

“Our model is proudly industry-owned and industry-led, and we’ve been genuinely overwhelmed with support from right across the many sectors that comprise Australia’s supply chains, from the multi-nationals right through to small business. Together, we’re committed to a ‘people first’ culture where a skilled workforce will enable better jobs, increased productivity and create real opportunity.”

As a Jobs and Skills Council, ISA will have four key roles:

  • Industry Stewardship which involves gathering industry intelligence to reliably represent the views and needs of industry back to the government and its decision-makers
  • Workforce Planning to identify industry’s current and emerging skills needs, culminating in development of a national Workforce Plan
  • Training Product Development to build high-quality, world-class skills for new and existing workers
  • Implementation and monitoring of solutions, which involves working on the ground to support training providers, promote careers, and monitor just how well the system is meeting the needs of industry and learners.

ISA CEO Paul Walsh says that it is all about collaboration and empowering individuals to drive positive change.

“We’re genuinely honoured to be appointed by the Commonwealth Government as the Jobs and Skills Council for Australia’s transport and logistics sectors, and to have the opportunity to make a real difference to industry and its workforce. But we’re not alone. We believe that great ideas can come from anyone and anywhere, and that if we work together, we can drive smart, sustainable solutions right across the country.”

ISA will now work to establish the Jobs and Skills Council and undertake a range of initial activities. It will be fully operational by January 2024.

Stakeholders are encouraged to register their interest here.

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