Tuesday, June 18, 2024

International news: Sainsbury’s axes food multibuy promotions

The UK retailer has fast-tracked its program to remove multibuy promotions on food while lowering regular prices on everyday items in response to positive feedback.

The retailer has been gradually removing multibuys from its stores over the past two years and has sped-up the project in recent months due to customer appetite for simpler, clearer prices.

Sainsbury’s says the decision to replace multibuys with lower regular prices is in response to changing shopping habits, with customers shopping more frequently and often buying fewer items. Careful management of household budgets, a growing awareness of the cost of food waste and more health-conscious living have also driven a trend away from multiple product purchasing towards more single item purchasing.

“We’ve worked hard to phase out multibuys as quickly as we could because our customers tell us they value choice and a simpler shopping experience,” Sainsbury’s Food Commercial Director Paul Mills-Hicks said. “It’s very interesting to see people experimenting with new products and pack sizes now that they are not tied in to multibuys. It’s clear that shoppers are enjoying the freedom to make decisions about what they buy based on what they need, rather than what’s on offer. Customers are also telling us that, ultimately, they’re saving money because they’re wasting less and only buying what they need.”

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