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Introducing your shoppers to Bravo Apples

Bravo Apples says it has “burst” onto the Australian food retail scene, “reigniting the fresh apple category”.

With 80 growers across the nation now producing Bravo Apple crops in commercial quantities, the variety is said to be taking a “powerful foothold” in the market.

Developed by the late John Cripps, who also created the Pink Lady apple variety, Bravo is now in its’ sixth season of production.

Aussies ‘love’ them

“Why should you care?” asks Bravo. “Well, shoppers love them.”

And here’s why, according to the brand:

  • “Bravo are Australia’s best tasting apple. We’ve won multiple blind taste tests and importantly lead the field in the industry standard Brix test (an accepted measure of an apples taste based on sugar content). Australians love the sweet and juicy taste of Bravo combined with the crispy, refreshing crunch,” says Bravo.”
  • “[Australians love them] for their unique burgundy beauty. The unique burgundy skin of Bravo Apples not only make them eye catching on shelf, [but] it [also] means they are packed full of flavonoids and the many health benefits they can bring.”
  • “[They are considered] a trusted lunchbox snack. The high antioxidant count in each apple means that the sweet white flesh is very, very slow to turn brown. This means lunchboxes and fruit platters stay in perfect condition – to the delight of main grocery buyers with children.”

Benefits for retailers

Bravo touches on why retailers are so excited about this apple, too:

  • “2022 National Consumer Research by research agency Painted Dog showed that Bravo Apples had the highest repurchase rate of any apple variety in Australia. Once you’ve tried a Bravo Apple, you are more likely to go back it than any other apple.”
  • “With the commoditisation of the apple category, retail margins have been put under extreme pressure. Bravo Apple customers are prepared to pay more for their unique product attributes.”
  • “There are a range of different product and pack size opportunities for independent supermarkets to use immediately.”

Try Bravo now

The brand urges retailers to take advantage of a “massive” national promotion to get customers to trial Bravo Apples.

“Bravo Apples have just kicked off a 13-week program giving away a chance to ‘win $100k’, with other supporting cash prizes,” says Bravo. “Shoppers simply scan the QR code provided on fruit for a chance to win.

“Your first order will come with all the merchandising for the promotion you will need – and help drive trial of the product with your shoppers.”

How to get them

WA Farm Direct are the exclusive national supplier of Bravo Apples.

For details on the product range, promotion and how Bravo can make a difference to your apple category, contact Sean Englebrecht (0499 146 646 or

For more details on Bravo Apples, visit

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