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Joe Berry Award 2021 winner announced

Activate Group Australia presented the 35th Joe Berry Award on 15 July via Zoom.

“While we had planned for an in-room judging the obvious restrictions meant we would repeat the program from 2020. Luckily, we have a judging panel that is used to virtual meetings and the day ran rather smoothly,” Association of Sales and Marketing Companies Australasia and Joe Berry Award Chairman Keith Quigg said.

“The six finalists were given an extra four weeks to prepare and while this was a mixed blessing, more time but more waiting, they all presented professionally and with enthusiasm.”

The candidates presented in the following order:

  • Anthony Costa (Arnott’s) on ‘redefinition of promotions’
  • Sally Elstub (IRI Worldwide) on ‘health and wellness trends’
  • Thea Dickinson (Mars Wrigley) on ‘consumer trends and digitisation’
  • Angela Powles (Simplot) on ‘consumer trends and digitisation’
  • Nathan Thompson (ALDI) on ‘the evolution of work’
  • Ivan Kiriakov (Kraft Heinz) on ‘the evolution of work.’

The judging allowed each finalist one hour in front of the panel, which included two dynamic Q&A sessions. The mix of questions was substantial, and the finalists were compelled to think on their feet to cover the judge’s expectations.

“All finalists were solid in this area and made the judge’s scoring quite difficult. Some of the general questions on social issues provided interesting answers and a good view on young minds,” Mr Quigg said.

At the same time, four finalists from a younger pool of entrants faced a panel of judges for the Trading Partners Forum Scholarship. Each had a 45-minute session with the judges closing with a pre-set question on leadership. Comments later from the judges suggested that the vision of leadership is in good hands, according to Mr Quigg.

The Scholarship was awarded to Xin Na Zeng, Brand Manager at Pepsico, who was “passionate about her topic and her future in this industry.”

The Joe Berry Award 2021 was presented to Thea Dickinson, Shopper Marketing Leader at Mars Wrigley.

“Ms Dickinson provided a very strong presentation on the digitisation of the industry and the way in which consumers will respond during and post-pandemic restrictions. Her approach to the Q&A showed an excellent perception of the future industry and why both retailers and suppliers need to be closer to the consumer to keep up with trends,” Mr Quigg said.

Ms Dickinson will be able to take her International Study Tour once travel is permitted.

“We look forward to seeing Ms Dickinson at industry events and to add her to our podcast team for the next 12 months.

“Congratulations to Ms Dickinson and to Mars Wrigley for supporting her efforts,” Mr Quigg concluded.

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