Joe Berry Awards opens on 1 November

Activate Australia is pleased to open the 36th Joe Berry Award on 1 November.

The prestigious Joe Berry Award is a retail industry award for young executives. All entrants, finalists and the overall winner benefit from the Joe Berry Award experience. Executive talent is showcased to leaders and the wider industry, while career aspirations are recognised.

Joe Berry has many long-time sponsors who have enjoyed learning from and celebrating winners of this Award.

“We encourage readers to promote the Award within their companies and urge young executives to register. Entering the Joe Berry Award offers a benefit for the individual and for the company,” Activate Australia said. “A great move to enhance personal confidence and accelerate a career!”

The program runs from 1 November until 28 February with a final judging program and event presentation on 23 June, 2022.

Registration can be made through and via Facebook.

If you are passionate about talent development, Joe Berry Award sponsorships is the best way to be involved.

Click here to view a video presentation from Joe Berry Awards.

For more information, email


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