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Kanzi Apple season begins

kanzi applesThe Kanzi Apple season has begun, reaching Australian grocery stores just in time for Easter.

The season, which lasts only 12 weeks, sees the apples arrive at stores from more than 30 orchards Australia-wide. With a shiny reddish-blue hue and its distinctive sweet-tart flavour balance, the Kanzi in Australia is never frozen or stored, but instead served fresh.

“It’s a great apple to grow and even better to eat,” said Ian Cathels, a grower from Ardrossan Orchards in Batlow.

The Kanzi is the world’s third-best-selling apple, and a cross between the classic, juicy Gala and the tangy, sweet Braeburn. The first commercial harvest of the fruit by Australian growers was in 2010, with demand for the apples growing at an incredible rate according to Nicole Giblett of Newton Bros Orchard in WA.

“Last year, just over an additional 100,000 trees were planted for Kanzi,” she said. “We are on track to plant another 90,000 trees in 2016.

“Although we have more apples available this year than last, close to double the volume in fact, we also have significant interest from retailers and expect to sell-out within the 12-week season.”

Kanzi apples are available in Woolworths, Costco, IGA and independent retailers nationwide, Coles in NSW, Victoria and WA and ALDI in NSW.

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