Saturday, June 22, 2024

Lenard’s unveils new festive range of products

Lenard’s, the iconic Australian handmade poultry company, has unveiled its latest lineup of festive products for the season.

“Offering an array of festive poultry delights that take centre stage on the holiday table, Lenard’s is dedicated to simplifying the challenges of Christmas meal prep. Our goal is to alleviate the heavy lifting involved in preparing the main dishes, empowering our customers to personalise their meals with their favourite sides,” says Lenard’s Marketing Manager Kelly Beach.

“Lenard’s commitment to pre-prepared handmade chicken products not only streamlines meal preparation but also delivers cost-effectiveness by minimising the wastage typically associated with traditional food preparation methods, providing a practical solution for today’s households.”

“Chicken is Australia’s favourite protein with 10 million chickens consumed nationally each week.

“Individually, 38 kilograms of chicken meat is consumed each year as compared with 34 kilograms of beef, 23 kilograms of pig (which includes processed products) and 14 kilograms of lamb a head annually.”

Lenard’s festive range is comprised of the renowned chicken brand’s handmade family favourites using “the best, locally-sourced ingredients and the freshest 100% Australian-grown poultry with delectable festive flavours”.

The range features: Cranberry & Black Cherry Chicken Bon Bons, Festive Mango & Black Cherry Chicken Filo, Festive Chicken Sausages, Festive Chicken Pinwheels, Festive Chicken Baguettes, Turkey Breast Supremes, Roasted Turkey Breast, Whole Turkeys, and Festive Chicken Rolls.

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