Tuesday, April 16, 2024

LINDOR celebrates 75 years with new LINDOR Cheesecake Truffle

Lindt, the Swiss chocolatier, has released its latest creation: the LINDOR Cheesecake Truffle, in celebration of its 75th anniversary.

The LINDOR Cheesecake Truffle combines a white chocolate shell infused with “the finest biscuit pieces, enveloping a lusciously smooth cheesecake filling with a hint of refreshing lemon.”

Expertly crafted by Lindt & Sprügli Australia Master Chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler, this “delectable” treat is “an ode to a globally celebrated dessert and a testament to Lindt’s rich heritage and unwavering dedication to quality chocolate.”

As Lindt marks this significant milestone, the introduction of the LINDOR Cheesecake Truffle adds a special touch to the brand’s legacy this year, “encouraging all to enjoy a moment of bliss while savouring the exquisite flavours of a beloved classic, alongside premium Lindt chocolate.”

Mr Schnetzler says: “Creating the LINDOR Cheesecake in consultation with master chocolatiers in Switzerland was an exciting journey. I experimented with ingredients to capture the essence of the classic dessert. The white chocolate shell offers a delightful cream cheese aroma, while the rich chocolate filling combines perfectly with the subtle tanginess of quark.”

Lindt & Sprügli Australia Marketing Director Nick Brock says: “We are proud to unveil the LINDOR Cheesecake Truffles as part of our 75th anniversary celebration. This exceptional creation not only showcases our passion for chocolate craftsmanship but also pays homage to the timeless appeal and popularity of cheesecake, a universally beloved dessert.”

The LINDOR Cheesecake Truffle 123g gift bags (RRP $10) is now available at independent retailers, Woolworths and Coles from March and BIG W from May.

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