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Linking consumers to the produce value chain

Unprecedented traceability and knowledge about what happens to fresh produce after purchase provide the final link in the soil-to-consumer process, according to a New Zealand partnership.

Software provider Radfords and consumer insights specialist Forward HQ have launched the ‘Consumer Experience’ module, a joint initiative that delivers growers, packers and marketers powerful consumer data on product performance.

Radfords CEO Adam Cuming says the knowledge will provide a competitive advantage and drive continuous improvements across the grow, pack, storage and sell cycles of the value chain. Consumer insights gathered by Forward will be interfaced within Radfords’ existing business intelligence platform, FreshInsights, as an add-on module.

“The consumer experience is the final moment of truth, the ultimate measure of produce performance,” Mr Cuming said. “We can now provide producers and brand owners with

information gathered along the entire value chain.

“Producers can use the information to communicate with retailers and improve brand value to drive margins and success. They’ll get to understand how the sensory attributes

of how their lines resonate with the market segments and how consumers experience their produce. They’ll be better placed to make informed decisions about what they can do

along the value chain – such as on-farm, packhouse practices or distribution processes – to improve the consistency of the consumer experience.”

Read the article in full in the November issue of Retail World.

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