Saturday, June 22, 2024

Mamee introduces premium noodles

Consumer insights indicate that Australian consumers are looking for premium and authentic Asian experiences. ABC Sales & Marketing is delivering this with Mamee Chef.

Developed by leading Malaysian celebrity Chef Ismail, each flavour has its own large chunky inclusions such as tofu, shrimps and mushrooms. The noodles are created with pull-noodle technology, which emulates the traditional way of making them. The makers say this creates a texture unlike anything else on the market.

Mamee Chef offers premium quality products that command a higher retail price,ABC’s Director of Marketing & Sales Matt Parry said. History shows that Australian consumers readily adopt premium products in mature categories, such as ice-cream, potato chips and biscuits. Introducing something new and premium has the potential to increase the value of the total category and bring in new users.

The launch is being supported by TV commercials that focus on the authenticity of the product and use emotive cues to create the feeling of being there and a strong online presence. An extensive sampling campaign across all major cities will target railway stations, university campuses and CBD locations, with more than 65,000 samples to be eaten.

Mamee Chef is available in Curry Laksa with dry tofu and vegetables, Tom Yam with tasty shrimp and vegetables and Spicy Chicken Shiitake with shiitake mushrooms and vegetables.

RRP: $2.29.


Stockist inquiries: Ron Rodda, 08 8269 4143 or

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