Sunday, June 16, 2024

Mango ‘gold rush’ on the way

While ripe mangoes are a little late this year because of the colder, wetter season, Harris Farm Markets is assuring Australians that the fruit is “full of flavour”.

Co-CEO Tristan Harris says the longer a mango stays on the tree, the more flavour they develop.

“Tree ripened mangoes are worth the wait. Every moment on the tree means more sugar development resulting in more flavour and nutrients; we don’t pick immature mangoes – we let Mother Nature tell us when to harvest. And our tip is, prepare for a Queensland gold rush!” he says.

“What’s more, we take every fruit from our farmers’ tree, not just the largest or prettiest. We want to do the right thing by farmers, plus offer our customers options, and be gentle on the planet. Mango lovers can now choose the most beautiful fruit, or they can opt for our Imperfect Picks (smaller or slightly marked fruit) and pay a little less – no one eats the skin, anyway.”

Mr Harris says his stores are currently full of “delicious” Kensington Prides (KPs) and R2E2s. Later in the season, the retailer will focus on Honey Golds.

“This season we’ll be also selling small quantities of three new varieties that have been 20 years in the making,” says Mr Harris.

“Through careful breeding (read: old school pollen from one tree is introduced to the stigma of another), farmers have been crossbreeding different varieties, like KPs, Urwins and Van Dykes to produce beautiful new fruit. They are the Summer of Discovery varieties, and are called Yess, Ahhh and Gee! If you spot them, grab them and tell us what you think!

“We also have huge deals on trays and Imperfect Picks which will continue all summer.”

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