Thursday, June 20, 2024

Mars Food & Nutrition Australia launches Ben’s Original 10+ Medley

Mars Food & Nutrition Australia has launched its latest innovation in healthy microwavable food, Ben’s Original™ 10+ Medley. The new ready-to-heat range is a convenient way to supercharge meals with the goodness of 10 plant-based ingredients, including wholegrains, vegetables, legumes, and herbs.

Ready in 90 seconds, Ben’s Original 10+ Medley range is an easy way to add more plant-based ingredients and gut-friendly fibre to your diet[1].

“Consumer interest in gut health is growing as we are increasingly learning about its connection with our overall health. At the same time, we know for many of us it can feel overwhelming to make healthier choices when we’re short on time – which is why Ben’s Original is bringing this innovation to Australian kitchens. Ben’s Original 10+ Medley is here to help provide consumers with a simple and delicious way to supercharge their meals by adding more plants and more fibre,” says Ben’s Original Brand Manager Samantha Ayling.

“For over 40 years, Ben’s Original rice range has been a staple in Australian households and Ben’s Original 10+ Medley is a very exciting addition to the portfolio as we continue our commitment to bringing you the world’s best rice.”

To celebrate the launch of Ben’s Original 10+ Medley, the brand is partnering with accredited practising dietitian Rebecca Gawthorne.

“The nutrient-packed pouches are a good source of gut-friendly fibre, are loaded with wholegrains, and contain no artificial flavours or preservatives. What’s more, each of the three flavours comes with a four-star Health Star Rating,” says Ms Gawthorne.

“When it comes to encouraging people to enjoy healthier food choices, convenience is key. Microwavable, these pouches are perfect for work lunches, quick weeknight dinners for our busy lifestyles, and anyone looking to increase their wholegrain and fibre intake without compromising on flavour.”

Each pouch serves two and the range is available in three flavour variants including Ben’s Original 10+ Medley Mexican Style, Ben’s Original 10+ Medley Mediterranean Style, and Ben’s Original 10+ Medley Chinese Style.

The new Ben’s Original 10+ Medley (RRP $4.50) is available nationally at Coles, Woolworths, and IGA.

[1] Dietary fibre helps to keep you regular by helping with the laxation as part of a healthy diet, involving the consumption of a variety of foods that provide adequate fibre.

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