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Melbourne on board to fight food waste

Australia’s food rescue organisation, OzHarvest, is ramping up the fight against food waste with a new study that reveals households can cut their food waste by 40% with its innovative Use It Up tape. Melbournians will be encouraged to get on board with this solution displayed on bright yellow tram from May-August.

OzHarvest Founder and CEO Ronni Kahn AO says urgent action is long overdue for Australia to halve food waste by 2030 and inspiring behavioural change is key to achieving this goal.

“This is an incredible opportunity to raise awareness about a solution that really works. Thanks to Yarra Trams, a bright yellow tram emblazoned with commonly wasted food and our Use It Up tape will be seen by thousands of commuters every day and we want everyone to get on board – literally! With the average Victorian household throwing away around $2,200 worth of food each year, this is great a way to save food, money and save the planet.”

Doctor Mark Boulet of Monash Sustainable Institute’s BehaviourWorks Australia conducted the latest behavioural research. “OzHarvest’s Use It Up tape is a simple yet powerful solution, helping households reduce food waste by 40% and halving waste of fresh produce like fruit, veg, dairy and meat. The tape is a visual reminder of what food needs using up before buying more, it can be used in the fridge or pantry and on food containers, making it a versatile tool for reducing food waste in the home.”

Yarra Trams Chief Executive Officer Carla Purcell says the Community Partnerships Program provides in-kind advertising to community organisations committed to sustainability. “This year the program is all about creating a more equitable and sustainable Melbourne, and we’re delighted to support OzHarvest in their mission to fight food waste. The Use It Up tape is an innovative solution that makes a positive impact on the environment, and we look forward to seeing the tram in action to raise awareness about this important issue.”

“Victoria has the highest level of food waste in Australia, responsible for a quarter of the national food waste of 2.4 million tonnes. The combination of the Yarra Tram Community Partnerships Program and OzHarvest’s Use It Up tape are a major step forward in the fight against food waste in Australia.”

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