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Minor Figures becomes B Corp certified

Barista oat milk brand Minor Figures has become a B Corp-certified company.

Joining 4856 B Corps globally, Minor Figures says it’s proud to be part of the movement, “a collective goal of transforming the global economy to benefit people, communities and the planet”.

“Many of the crises of our time are often a result of the way that business is conducted. We want to be part of the big movement away from this and contribute to the redefinition of business success,” says Minor Figures co-founder and General Manager APAC Jonathan Chiu.

“We believe people, planet and profit are complimentary which is why we are very excited about becoming B Corp certified.”

Offsetting carbon

As a carbon neutral company, Minor Figures offsets 100% of its carbon emissions by investing in carbon credits which are used to support carbon removal projects.

This year’s projects – Shade Grown Coffee Project, Nicaragua, Bamboo Aforestation Project, Nicaragua, and Chinchiná River Forestry Project, Colombia – work to restore biodiversity, reforestation, and support local communities, particularly those most directly affected by climate change.

Reducing carbon

Minor Figures’ sustainability efforts also look beyond just offsetting its carbon and into ways to reduce it.

In March 2021, the company began making the move to local production, transitioning its Barista Oat to be produced right here in Australia. The move was said to have immediately reduced carbon emissions by 27%.

Since then, Minor Figures Organic Barista Oat and Australia’s “first-ever” Light Oat are now all produced on Australian shores.

Moving forward

Minor Figures acknowledges that while it’s making some “big strides”, this is just the beginning of the journey. B Corp helps the company draw its own roadmap towards becoming a better company.

“When people see the B Corp Certification,” says Minor Figures, “they can feel confident knowing that they’re supporting a company that has made a commitment to treat business as a human enterprise and will continue to do so as long as it sticks around.”

Minor Figures Sustainability Manager Thibault Guenat adds: “It’s fantastic to officially be joining the B Corp community after 22 months of work, and exciting to be able to work together with other B Corps on shared challenges. Businesses can be a force for good and Minor Figures embodies that aspiration.

“The next certification cycle will take place in three years and until then we’ll continue to ask ourselves the difficult question: ‘how can we be better?’”

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