Monday, June 17, 2024

Mintel Leap—the new Market Intelligence AI

Mintel, the expert in what consumers want and why, has launched Mintel Leap, the new Market Intelligence AI fundamentally changing how businesses conduct research by answering their most complex questions instantly. Mintel Leap is a closed-loop, generative AI platform built exclusively on Mintel’s proprietary research and analyst expertise. With speed, quality and accuracy, Mintel Leap delivers research and recommendations on people, products and categories—vital for businesses looking to inform their innovation and marketing strategies.

By quickly exploring Mintel’s wide-ranging data and expert human analysis, Leap delivers succinct responses to brands’ everyday prompts—such as: “Analyse the changing demographics of beauty e-commerce consumers and the impact on purchasing habits”, “Provide an analysis of the competitive financial services landscape” or “What are current supply chain challenges in the foodservice industry and some potential solutions?” It’s so easy to use that everyone from a Junior Strategist to a CMO can quickly understand a new category or shifting consumer trends, freeing their time to focus on more value-added work.

Feedback from Mintel clients:

“Mintel Leap has revolutionised our insights discovery process and significantly boosted the efficiency and effectiveness of our workflow. With Leap, we can quickly and easily pinpoint the critical information.”

“What truly sets Mintel Leap apart is its seamless integration of AI technology. The speed at which Mintel has embraced and leveraged AI is commendable.”

“With Mintel Leap, the only thing between me and the entirety of Mintel’s knowledge library is a good question.”

Mintel CEO Matt Nelson says: “Mintel Leap is an AI game-changer. By utilising cutting-edge generative AI, billions of data points and years’ worth of Mintel’s unparallelled analyst expertise can now be discovered and summarised in seconds.

“Our clients are beginning to leverage the power of AI to drive organisational efficiency; however, understanding how and where to incorporate AI into business practices isn’t always clear. With Mintel Leap’s closed-loop generative AI platform, we’ve eliminated information overload and supercharged our clients’ ability to get trusted, data-driven insights faster than ever, saving them valuable time. The implications for improved operational efficiency, product development and marketing strategy are genuinely unrivalled, enabling our clients to make informed decisions quickly and confidently.”

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