Saturday, June 15, 2024

Montague now harvesting its yello variety

Australian fresh produce business, Montague and its yello® growers, are currently harvesting yello® hitting shelves this month.

“yello apples are notoriously difficult to grow, however, Montague and its network of growers have worked tirelessly all year, resulting in an exceptional harvest season for 2024,” according to the company.

This year the total harvest is anticipated to reach approximately 2,000,000 with Montague and its network of growers proud to oversee over 36,5000 trees growing the yello variety. Each tree is expected to yield approximately 100 juicy apples.

Exclusively grown and managed by Montague in Australia and its Victorian growing partners situated in Pakenham, West Gippsland, Drouin, Yarra Valley, and the Mornington Peninsula,

yello is currently only grown in these select areas with limited amounts yielding each year.

Featuring a yellow skin and cream-coloured flesh, yello is known for its complex flavour profile with hints of pineapple and pear. The delicious fruit offers the perfect blend of sweetness with tropical notes, making it unique.

yello apples originated from the Nagano Research Centre in 1983, as a delightful fusion between a Golden Delicious and Senshu apple. The glorious blend of varieties, positions yello as a similar variety to that of a Shinano Gold; another yellow-hued variety native to Japan.

yello is available for a limited time from 20 May to early September, or until stocks last. This variety can be found at selected greengrocers and Costco locations.

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