Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Most employees wish to continue working from home

The Australian workplace may change permanently even when COVID-19 restrictions ease up with 86% of those who have been working from home, saying they would like to continue to do so – at least part time.

Additionally, 73% believe their employers would be open to it, and 22% have already been offered a work-from-home option.

“Many people have discovered just how much work they can achieve while working at home – especially if they have the right digital resources,” says CEO and Founder at Redback Connect, Jeff Downs.

More findings show that 28% of workers would like to work from home full-time and permanently, whereas 39% want to work from home one-to-two days a week, and 20% want to work from home three-to-four days a week.

However, 14% are too afraid to ask their employers to allow them to work from home, and 8% have had their work-from-home request rejected by their employer.

Interestingly, younger employees are less likely to have been offered a permanent working-from-home arrangement, or if they have asked for one, it has been declined.

Mr Downs says, “If employers listen to their employees, we may see a decentralisation of the workforce from the cities to the suburbs.”

The increase of employees working from home, is also shedding light on the types of technology used in the workforce.

“…if working from home becomes permanent, organisations will need to get onboard a suite of remote-working digital tools to replicate, as far as possible, the ‘in-office’ experience.

“Our research reveals that more purpose-specific virtual technologies that offer a broader range of secure, interactive platform features – such as online polling and live Q&A – would help maximise the productivity of at-home offices.”

To view some of the webinar options that Redback Connect offers, head to redbackconnect.com.au.

The findings come from an independent survey of 1000 Australian employees who have been working from home, full time or part time, during the pandemic.

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