Move over, Charlie! Victoria identified as the chocolate ‘capital’

Roy Morgan research has shown that 14.2 million Australians aged 14 and over consume chocolate in an average four-week period, with Victoria identified as the chocolate ‘capital’.

Chocolate bars were identified as the preferred choice (10.98 million or 77.5 per cent of all Australian chocolate consumers) over chocolate blocks (8.91 million or 62.9 per cent) or boxed chocolates (4.4 million or 31.1 per cent).

“Chocolate bars … such as Kit Kat, Mars Bars, Cadbury bars, Cherry Ripe and Snickers, are the most popular type of chocolate consumed by just on 11 million Australian consumers, while nearly nine million love biting into their favourite chocolate block,” Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said.

Boxed chocolates are typically regarded as a popular gift options to mark birthdays or other special occasions, according to Ms Levine, with leading brands being Lindt and Ferrero Rocher.

Women – Australia’s leading chocolate consumers

Roy Morgan data has revealed that women (particular those who are at university or in white-collar employment) are the typical consumers of all three varieties of chocolate, which, according to Ms Levine is “probably no surprise”.

Age demographics

The data has also shown that consumers of chocolate blocks tend to be older – Generation X (born 1961-1975), while chocolate bar consumers are slightly younger – Millennials (born 1976-1990).

Boxed chocolates consumers, according to the latest research, are younger still – Generation Z (born 1991-2005).

Chocolate all-rounders

Reportedly, more than two million Australians (15.1 per cent of chocolate consumers) eat all three chocolate types, including blocks, bars and boxed chocolate.

This group is said to be split evenly between men and women, more likely to be under 25 and more likely to have an ‘underweight’ body mass index, according to Roy Morgan data.

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