Friday, June 21, 2024

New Charred Pineapple and Low Sugar Lime Sodas from CAPI

Australian ‘all-natural’ beverage company CAPI has unveiled the addition of two innovative new flavour profiles to its “industry-leading” mixer category harnessing the unmistakable notes of summery tropical pineapple to produce Charred Pineapple Soda and fresh lime citrus to create Low Sugar Lime Soda, both available in CAPI’s signature 750ml glass bottle nationally.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of two new flavours in our drinks line-up: Charred Pineapple and Low Sugar Lime. Since the brand was born in 2011, at CAPI we’ve always prided ourselves on offering a diverse range of flavours,” says CAPI Sales and Marketing Director Kate Solly.

The Victorian-based and locally produced ‘all-natural’ ingredient beverage company, which boasts an impressive 20+ water, soda and pour-over mixer products, adds the new flavour profiles Charred Pineapple Soda (750ml) and Low Sugar Lime Soda (750ml) to its burgeoning product portfolio after extensive consumer research and industry consultation.

“While tonic water has long dominated retailer shelves, the evolving landscape of consumer tastes – particularly with the softening of gin – has prompted a demand for greater variety. Consumers are now eager to explore and experiment with spirits beyond gin, such as tequila and rum,” Ms Solly said.

Celebrating Australia’s unique and diverse micro-climates, CAPI has cleverly extracted the sweet, tropical notes of pineapples and subtly added lime extract and caramelised sugar to produce Charred Pineapple Soda, “an effortless balance between tart and sweetness on the palette that will keep you sipping.”

Equally, CAPI’s full-flavoured Low Sugar Lime Soda hits a bright, more punchy note on the palate, made from fresh limes and underscored with the earthy sweetness of agave and a hint of pink lake salt. “These carefully crafted flavour profiles elevate at-home cocktail mixing with spirts such as rum and whiskey, or can also be enjoyed straight-up as refreshing soda options.”

“Both our Charred Pineapple and Low Sugar Lime sodas are designed for mixing, taking the complexity out of at-home cocktail making whilst tasting equally delicious on their own as a non-alcoholic drink,” Ms Solly said.

Available nationally through CAPI’s premium and trusted retail network, including BWS, Dan Murphy’s, First Choice, Liquorland and Vintage Cellars, new Charred Pineapple Soda and Low Sugar Lime Soda profiles are an extension of the brand’s “award-winning and pioneering” Fruit Soda range, which includes now-household favourites Blood Orange, Grapefruit and Yuzu flavours.

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