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12 October, 2020  

New Co-Chair Announcement

David McNeil from InfraBuild and the Australian Logistics Council joins Ram Akella from Woolworths as a Co-Chair of the multi-sector Traceability Advisory Group.

The National GS1 Traceability Advisory Group (NGTAG) was established earlier this year by GS1 Australia, the global not-for-profit organisation, which is the leading provider of standards and solutions.

NGTAG comprises more than 80 senior-level members from industry and government, addressing traceability linkages across supply chains to ensure Australia maintains and builds global competitiveness, sustainable economic growth and positive socio-economic outcomes and opportunities.

McNeil commented, “I am honoured to be appointed as a Co-Chair of the National GS1 Traceability Advisory Group. The group is uniquely placed to inform GS1 Australia on the requirements of industry and government for traceability standards, and to co-define a roadmap for implementing end-to-end traceability and trade modernisation in Australia in the most efficient and economic manner possible.

“I look forward to leveraging the knowledge and experience of the network of companies, associations and government departments that represent the NGTAG, as well as working closely with Ram Akella from Woolworths as my counterpart.”

McNeil’s recent focus has been on supply chain execution. In conjunction with the Australian Logistics Council and GS1, David has implemented the GS1 Transport Instruction and Transport Status messages to facilitate the efficient transfer of delivery information between InfraBuild and its logistics partners. David is also a member of GS1 Australia’s corporate board.

As a co-chair of NGTAG, David will focus his representation on the transport and logistics sector, integrating traceability processes within transport, a critical part of end-to-end traceability that is required for all product types and sectors.

Whilst this appointment is effective immediately, prior commitments will mean that Mr McNeil will have limited participation until the new calendar year.

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