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New jobs are being created in the retail industry

The latest ‘Hay’s Quarterly Report’ indicates new jobs are being created in the industry, with new categories for experienced buyers and planners to work within.

There is also a major focus on having strong management in e-commerce divisions, with many retailers now pushing their online forum as much as their stores.

Vacancy activity is high in regional areas in non-fashion retail. Metropolitan centres attract a lot of candidate interest but regional locations struggle to attract quality candidates for their roles.

According to the report, “we are seeing more part-time roles, often with six-day rotating rosters or 7am to 12pm working days. Casuals are also sought to cover peak times in the day or to work on weekends”.

When they recruit, employers are looking closely at a candidate’s soft skills and are willing to consider people with a different product knowledge base. Their focus is instead on identifying a candidate with the right cultural and behavioural fit.

“In terms of skills in demand for the October to December 2015 quarter, we’re seeing high demand for sales assistants,” the report said. “These candidates are sought by telecommunication pop-ups, franchises and kiosk-style retailers. These roles are experiencing high turnover and often pay low salaries, which creates ongoing demand for suitable candidates.”

Senior merchandise planners, category managers and production coordinators are also sought and senior managers are needed in luxury retail.

In terms of candidate trends, senior retail professionals have adopted a more patient and speculative approach.

“They are looking for the exact right opportunity and will not leave their current role until they find a job that meets all of their requirements, including an opportunity to grow and career progression,” the report said. “The latter is very important as candidates want to see a clear progression path, and are interested in moving up in larger corporations.”

They also want to work for a retailer with strong growth potential. With many international retailers setting up in Australia, existing retailers are opening at new locations, setting up new divisions and creating new roles.

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