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New multi-benefit yoghurt from Farmers Union

Farmers Union has released its Farmers Union PLUS range – an Aussie owned and made multi-benefit yoghurt. Farmers Union PLUS contains prebiotics and probiotics, no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, is sweetened with fruit, and is high in protein.

Farmers Union PLUS is a multi-benefit Greek style yoghurt, supports digestive health, immune health, and contains natural protein.[1]

Research conducted by Bega, owners of the Farmers Union brand, uncovered that while Aussie consumers are looking for a yoghurt option with serious health credentials, there’s one thing they won’t compromise on – taste.[2]

Bega Dairy & Drinks Marketing Director Sharon Winton says, “As a much-loved Aussie all-rounder, Farmers Union is thrilled to be expanding today with the launch of Farmers Union PLUS – it’s a not only a great tasting yogurt, but it’s one that is good for you.”

Bega’s in-house Nutritionist Rachael Adams says, “One in two Aussies experiences digestive health problems – research tells us that the nation is seeking out products with positive benefits on their gut.[3] And not only does one in every two Aussies suffer from these issues – but they’re also seeking foods with digestive health benefits,”

“Farmers Union’s PLUS range directly addresses this need by including both probiotics and prebiotics and provides double digestion benefits. Prebiotics help feed and grow the good bacteria living in our gut, while the probiotic BB-12 helps further support good gut health by increasing regularity. This range naturally provides eight essential nutrients including protein and vitamin B12 to provide a range of health benefits, including immune support.”

The Farmers Union Plus range comes in three flavours: Vanilla & Honey, Mango, and Passionfruit, and is available at Coles Supermarkets.

[1] As part of a balanced diet, B.Lactis (BB-12®) Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Vitamin B12, support gut health by improving regularity, help increase the good bugs in the gut, and supports healthy immune function. Farmers Union Plus is a source of natural protein.

[2] Statistics sourced from ‘Yogurt Usage & Attitude Study’, 2018, with 6,100 Australians conducted by Nature Research

[3] Statistics sourced from ‘Yogurt Usage & Attitude Study’, 2018, with 6,100 Australians conducted by Nature Research

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