Tuesday, June 18, 2024

New recruitment app helps businesses hire easily

Hunt, a new recruitment application, has launched in Australia streamlining the hiring process across the nation.

“While there are plenty of tools for white-collar employees looking for new roles, there is no suitable app that exists for blue-collar workers, casual and part-time staff,” says Hunt.

“This app connects businesses from any industry and job seekers through machine learning (ML) powered matchmaking technology, making hiring as simple as swipe, discover, and match.”

Natalie Cherry, co-founder of Hunt and owner of two Queensland travel agencies conceived the idea for the app after first-hand experience in spending long hours cycling through CVs and realising there could be a more efficient and cost-effective way to find employees.

To aid with these recruitment challenges, Ms Cherry developed Hunt alongside a team of app developers and designers.

“Following Covid-19, which saw thousands of shift workers leave Australia, it has been a challenge for business owners across Australia to hire,” she says.

“As a business owner myself, I frequently spend valuable time blindly screening candidates’ emails or sifting through paper resumes, often with limited success as it is really hard to determine if a candidate could be the right fit based on a paper CV.

“With Hunt, we hope to propel the job market and the economy forward by making recruitment an intuitive and user-friendly process for both parties.”

On the Hunt app, job seekers and employers have complete visibility over each other’s attributes, values and requirements. Job seekers create a visual profile to share their background, experience, location, and job preferences. Video CVs and portfolio attachments also allow the job seeker to showcase their personality within their profile.

Businesses are able to upload job postings with details about the role, the company, and the salary. The app’s ML technology then matches these job seekers to potential employers who can chat within the app itself to find out more about the role, or set up an interview. The technology only matches job seekers who meet the necessary criteria for the role, saving “countless” hours and money spent on online job advertisements and recruiters.

Hunt is free for job seekers while employers can enjoy a six-month free trial. Beyond this, subscriptions for employers begin at $29.95 and go up to $69.95 a month.

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