Nightmare before Christmas is hallowed treat

Australians will spend an estimated $159 million today on chocolate and other confectionery products as Halloween grows in popularity down under, according to research released by Mars Wrigley Australia.

When it comes to confectionery spend, the average works out to be $21.89. One-third of celebrators spend between $15 to $30 each year, with 28 per cent spending between $30 to $45 and 24 per cent spending between $5 and $15. It’s not good to be a trick-or-treater in the nation’s capital, with  two-thirds in ACT spending only between $5 and $15.

According to the survey, the highest participation rates will be in Tasmania (88 per cent), followed by South Australia (82 per cent) and Western Australia (82 per cent).

To keep abreast of demand, Mars Wrigley distributed over six million party share packs to stores before doomsday. In fact, the confectionery company sells the most share packs for the year in the four weeks leading up to this trick-and-treat fest.

And its top selling confectionery was established favourites Milky Way and Skittles.

The research shows chocolate is by far the preferred treat to receive, with 56 per cent of respondents choosing it over lollies (22 per cent) and other treats such as muesli bars (22 per cent).

Halloween divides nation

It seems Halloween still divides the nation, with 43 per cent of the population celebrating it and three quarters saying more people should join in to build community.

It’s a growing trend though with nearly 60 percent claiming Halloween is growing as a celebration.

For those who don’t celebrate Halloween, 71 per cent say it is because the holiday is ‘too American’. Many however put forth that Australians can celebrate it in their own way, including introducing a ‘zombie kangaroo’.


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