Tuesday, June 25, 2024

‘No compromise’ for Waitrose when it comes to animal welfare

The latest campaign from Waitrose highlights the UK retailer’s ‘no compromise’ commitment as the “number-one” supermarket on animal welfare.

The series of ads are featuring across TV, cinema, poster and digital screens. They focus on a number of “appealing” images of livestock with the message ‘no compromise’.

Waitrose Customer Director Nathan Ansell says the retailer’s ‘no compromise’ message is simply setting out the facts.

“We are head and shoulders above other supermarkets so we’re throwing down the gauntlet to others who are prepared to accept lower standards,” he says.

Waitrose Commercial Director Charlotte Di Cello adds that welfare is vital for the retailer and its customers.

“All our pigs are reared outdoors, all our eggs are free range, even those in our mayonnaise and we’ve even developed a unique free-range standard for our dairy cows,” she says. “What’s more, we apply our high welfare values across our entire own label range from pies to sandwiches.”

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