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No small business owner should ever be called a “wage thief”

Media Release

January 16, 2020

Protecting small business owners from the risk of underpayment is the aim of an Australian-first service launched by Employsure, Australia’s leading outsourced HR provider.

Developed specifically to help small business avoid Australia’s “wage theft” mess, Employsure’s Wage Guarantee audits employers’ pay records and reports on risks and errors. For added protection, the guarantee fully covers the cost of any underpayments detected in a business that has sought and followed Employsure’s wage advice.

In launching the service today, Employsure Managing Director Ed Mallett said the national conversation around “wage theft” had unfairly tarnished small business owners.

“I’m sick of small business owners being characterised as ‘thieves,’ he said. “It’s unfair and it’s wrong.

“They are operating in a complex and convoluted system that creates so much risk and almost no margin for error, then punishes them for mistakes.

“As we’ve seen recently, some of Australia’s biggest companies with immense HR resources can’t get wages correct. What hope is there for a small business?

“We want to change that. These are honest and hardworking people who have taken a risk by starting a business. They need protection in this difficult system and we want to stand up for them.

“There are all manner of systems trying to catch underpayment, but very few that try to prevent it in the first place. We are offering that solution. We’re also giving certainty to employers who seek and follow our advice that we will cover the cost of any underpayments found in their business.

“By using this service, no small business owner will ever have to wear the tag of a ‘wage thief’. That is my mission.”

How the service works

The Wage Guarantee involves an audit an employer’s pay records, providing a report on risks and errors. If an employer seeks and follows Employsure’s wages advice from that point forward, Employsure will cover any future underpayments found in their business.

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Source: employsure.

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