Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Nutrano launches new Farm Patch Seedless Lemons

Nutrano Produce Group, a leading provider of Australian fresh produce, has released the debut of its new Farm Patch Seedless Lemon Prepack Offer. This new product is set to ‘revolutionise the way consumers enjoy lemons, offering a burst of zesty flavour and convenience without any pesky seeds to contend with.’

In a recent Citrus Shopper survey conducted by Nutrano Produce Group, findings revealed a strong consumer interest in seedless lemons, with 88% expressing willingness to purchase them. Notably, one in five respondents indicated a high likelihood of purchasing Seedless Lemons. Furthermore, 81% of respondents considered seedless lemons more convenient compared to lemons with seeds, highlighting the demand for hassle-free meal preparation.

“Our Seedless Lemon Prepack Offer is designed to make mealtime preparation a breeze, allowing consumers to squeeze with ease and elevate their dishes effortlessly,” says Nutrano Produce Group National Sales Manager Bronwen Louw.

“Consumers value the convenience of seedless lemons, particularly for cooking, making salad dressings, in baking, as well as crafting refreshing beverage concoctions and are willing to pay a premium over regular lemons with seeds.

“This week saw the sellout launch of our Farm Patch Seedless Lemons through independent retailers and green grocers in Queensland and New South Wales with feedback that stock has been flying off their shelves”, adds Ms Louw.

In addition to their seedless nature, these lemons boast a wealth of ‘essential nutrients such as vitamin C, contributing to a healthy and flavourful dining experience. This makes them an ideal option for health-conscious consumers looking to reduce their salt intake while adding a zing of flavour to their meals.’

Nutrano Produce Group is currently harvesting lemons at their Abbotsleigh Citrus Farm in Gin Gin, Queensland, renowned for yielding lemons of the highest quality. Characterised by their smooth thin rind and exceptional juiciness, these lemons are esteemed for their ‘glamour quality’ in the market.

“The introduction of this seedless lemon offer is yet another testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality,” added Ms Louw. “We are proud to introduce this new product to the market, understanding the significance of convenience and quality in culinary experiences. Whether consumers are preparing Easter feasts or everyday meals, our seedless lemons provide a hassle-free solution for squeezing with ease.”

The new Farm Patch Seedless Lemon 1kg Prepacks are available in selected green grocers and independent retailers in Queensland and NSW.

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