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Oat Milk Goodness launches at Woolworths

Oat Milk Goodness (OMG), the Australian made alternative milk made from oats that are grown all across the country, has launched into Woolworths this week.

OMG is a plant based oat milk that doesn’t contain industrial seed oils, instead it is made with olive oil, and tastes and creams better with coffee.

OMG is already stocked in over 350 cafes and stores across the country and hits Woolworths stores across NSW and Victoria this month, with a national roll out from May.

“OMG was created with a simple mission to provide a sustainable delicious plant-based alternative milk to all Australians. We are committed to remaining free from industrial seed oils and are carbon positive. Our launch into Woolworths is a really exciting step in our growth,” says OMG CEO Briar Macky.

The hunt to bring Aussies a sustainable milk alternative that still had a creamy and frothy taste started back in 2019, where Australian cricketer Steve Smith teamed up with co-founders Tony Adams and Daniel Rootes. All sharing the same passion to create a sustainable plant-based milk, without cutting back on the taste, with a recipe that took three years to perfect.

Steve Smith said: “OMG has been developed with the motivation of tasting good, being Aussie made and ticking all the boxes for baristas – in terms of its richness, texture and the ability to froth well too. We are excited to partner with Woolworths and deliver OMG – a more sustainable milk option – to more Australian homes.”

Oat milk has been rising in popularity amongst Australians, with oat milk being considered one of the most sustainable choices in the plant-based line-up. “Oats are typically less land intensive to grow, use less water than other plant based offerings and the carbon footprint is considered a third of traditional cow’s milk[1].”

With sustainability at its core, OMG is proudly carbon positive. “The company does its best to address the over-clearing of trees in Australia by actively planting trees in the WA wheatbelt to help soak up carbon and reduce soil salinity. Teamed with the main ingredient being Australian-grown oats, the brand is as sustainable as ever.”

Depot Bondi owner Guy Turland says that oat milk requests are growing, “We have been noticing a year on year increase in our customers asking for oat milk. In fact, since 2022 we would estimate that Depot has seen over a 41% increase in oat milk consumption. OMG ticks all the boxes for us – it froths like its dairy counterparts, it tastes good and has no ISOs.”

Oat Milk Goodness is available in a 1L Tetra Pak, at Woolworths stores across Sydney and Melbourne now, and nationally from May 1.

[1] University of Oxford study found the carbon footprint of oat milk is around one-third that of dairy milk, and lower than the carbon footprint of almond and rice milk.

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