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Opportunity beyond the Continental shelf

Continental Taralli Biscuits, winner of the Consumer Award (for brands with up to 15 full-time equivalent staff) at the 2021 South Australian Premier’s Food and Beverage Industry Awards, has been producing “gourmet” Mediterranean savoury crackers for the Australian market for more than 50 years.

The brand’s Director of Sales Sonia Bruno says its artisan Taralli are traditional southern Italian and Mediterranean-style savoury snacks similar to a pretzel.

“They’re handmade using premium wheat flour, pure olive oil and white wine,” she says. “Taralli’s crispy and healthy oven baked snacks are made from local ingredients. We pride ourselves on using premium quality ingredients sourced from local suppliers and producers across South Australia and Australia.”

The biscuits are described as completely natural with no added preservatives, colours, artificial flavours or additives.

“It’s the quality ingredients used that make our products so delicious,” Ms Bruno says. “They’re delicious with dips, cheeses and antipasti, or can be used as a crouton with soups, mixed through salads, or served with a cold beverage.”

Ms Bruno would like to see the Mediterranean biscuits positioned in the snacks aisle, alongside savoury crackers.

“We see our products fitting perfectly on grazing platters,” she says.

“Tarallis are a healthy alternative to chips, nuts or crisps. In Italy, where they originate, Tarallis are commonly enjoyed with a glass of wine in bars and restaurants. It’s a great snack, or can be enjoyed with an aperitivo. It’s quite trendy to have these vegan snacks, without the guilt.”

Continental Taralli Biscuits demonstrates serving suggestions on its website and social media platforms with Tarallis displayed in bowls alongside a glass of wine, scattered on a cheese platters, or being used as a crouton for soup.

“We’ve demonstrated to consumers that we’re more of a snack food, so I’d like to see our vegan Taralli crackers in the snack food aisle under biscuits. We’re more than just a biscuit. We’re a vegan cracker with wholesome Mediterranean flavours. Yes, it’s traditionally an Italian product, but we’ve kind of ‘Westernised’ it with Australian native flavours.”

Read more about snacks in the July issue of Retail World.

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