Thursday, April 18, 2024

Outback Stores leads the way with all front-line workers fully vaccinated

As the Delta strain of Covid-19 continues to threaten remote communities, Outback Stores recognises that being vaccinated is one of the key contributing factors to saving lives and reducing the likelihood of spreading the virus to others.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Borg, acknowledges the importance and understands the crucial role the company can play in safeguarding the health of customers and employees in the 44 retail sites for which Outback Stores manages on behalf of their owners.

“In the anticipation of vaccinations becoming mandated, Outback Stores has been working for some time towards 100 per cent vaccination of its front-line employees,” says Mr Borg. “We currently have 109 team members either based in or visiting remote communities regularly, and I can report that they are all double-vaccinated.”

Outback Stores’ commitment to minimising the threat of Covid-19 extends to its Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team, all of whom are also fully vaccinated.

“As chairperson of the Outback Stores Board, I’d like to thank staff for their overwhelming support on this matter. The commitment of the entire team at Outback Stores has been impressive and shows their dedication to ensuring the wellbeing of the remote communities we support,” says Outback Stores chairperson Dr Susan Gordon

Bobby Nunggumajbarr, a senior leader in the Ngukurr community and member of Outback Stores’ Indigenous Advisory Group, is relieved to be vaccinated.

“I’m glad that our communities are being protected. Vaccinations keep our families and communities safe,” Mr Nunggumajbarr said.

Outback Stores recognises that many Aboriginal people with chronic health conditions are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 and supports the restriction of the movement of unvaccinated people in and out of remote communities.

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