Thursday, February 22, 2024

Paris Creek Farms Organic Milk crafted from carbon neutral dairy farms

Paris Creek Farms milk used to produce its “award-winning” range of organic dairy products is now sourced entirely from carbon neutral South Australian dairy farms, putting the business at the forefront of sustainable primary production.

“The carbon neutral status, achieved through bio-dynamic farming practices and supplemented in part initially by the purchase of carbon credits, ensures Paris Creek Farms meets increasing consumer expectations for products that meet both high environmental and quality standards,” according to a statement released by Paris Creek Farms.

Paris Creek Farms CEO Chantale Millard says: “The launch of our milk from carbon neutral dairy farms is a key part of the business’s sustainability journey, reducing its carbon footprint and helping to fight climate change.”

Ms Millard noted that one of the farms supplying Paris Creek Farms was already carbon neutral in its own right, due to the highly regenerative nature of bio-dynamic organic farming practices. The other farms are implementing measures that work towards carbon neutrality, and in the meantime Paris Creek Farms is purchasing carbon credits to completely offset any carbon footprint.

“We have had all farms audited by an accredited body and are delighted to be making such progress in our mission to create a better environment for generations to come,” Ms Millard said, adding that farms are also having their soil tested as part of sustainability checks. “We are excited to be working with our farmers to help them all achieve carbon neutral status and are proud to produce products that are from such sustainable and regenerative farming practices.”

The shift to milk from carbon neutral dairy farms coincides with the introduction of a new product to Paris Creek Farms’ award-winning South Australian range. The launch of the company’s 100% Organic Lactose Free Full Cream Milk offers lactose-sensitive consumers an option that will meet their dietary needs, “without sacrificing the deliciously rich and creamy flavour they enjoy.”

“Crafted from the milk of free-range cows who roam happily on South Australia’s beautiful open pastures, our lactose free product serves an important part of our customer base and continues our emphasis on great taste, quality and sustainability. Our products are made with no chemicals, preservatives or hormones, with animal welfare and sustainability always coming first,” Ms Millard said.

Paris Creek Farms Organic Lactose Free Full Cream Milk 2L is available at select Woolworths and leading independent supermarkets. To learn more about Paris Creek Farms’ sustainability journey, visit

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