Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Pasta Roma unveils gluten-free pasta

Australian pasta manufacturer Roma Foods Products has introduced Pasta Roma, a “groundbreaking” gluten-free pasta.

With a rich history in pasta manufacturing spanning across 70 years since 1953 and a reputation as a pioneer in gluten-free products, Roma Foods Products has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and excellence.

Max Buontempo, who has been the Managing Director of the company for almost four decades, is very proud of the success of Pasta Roma, its quality and market prominence.

“Pasta Roma stands out in the pasta segment, thanks to its vibrant orange packaging, which acts as a beacon for customers seeking superior gluten-free options.

“The product’s incredible growth and recognition can be attributed to its availability in the mainstream section of leading supermarkets, providing a one-stop destination for discerning shoppers. Pasta Roma has not only elevated the visibility and desirability of the gluten-free segment but has also contributed to the overall growth of the pasta category.”

The product’s success aligns with the strategic pillar of ‘better for you,’ a key focus for Woolworths. “By amplifying ‘better for you’ options and making healthier choices easily accessible to customers, Pasta Roma has proven that prioritising health can be both virtuous and profitable,” Mr Buontempo said.

Since its launch in February, Pasta Roma has rapidly gained traction. It is now available in all 1000 Woolworths stores and 150 Countdown stores across New Zealand. Initially available in four varieties (Rigatoni, Spirals, Macaroni, and Penne), the range has expanded to include a kids-friendly shape called Farm Animals.

Pasta Roma’s impact extends beyond the Australian market, with successful launches in over 10 countries worldwide, including prominent listings in Countdown, New Zealand.

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